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The Pitch - Dating shows on TV are either pasteurized fantasies or rubber necking car crashes glorifying dysfunction. No TV show examines the one human condition that people need, want and desire above all things--- love! Dating, love, sex, and marriage opens up a platform for a TV show to go in boundless directions. How do you find love in a world where people don’t make eye contact anymore? How did something so widely desired become so convoluted? So whether you are quietly curious, lucky in love, or single to mingle, join us on “Two Girls One Mike.”

Nuts and BoltsEach episode the three hosts explore one subject about love through sketch scenes that have a clever flow.  We search and analyze the social mores, customs and conversations all around the world and we don't forget history, so it's old school meets new school to get schooled! But we hide the medicine in the ice cream with our comedic twists and sexy hosts. 

The Mash - In a nutshell, 2G1M is "Adam Ruins Everything" meets love. We live in an information age that values transparency. Our show is shot stylistically like tru TV's "Adam Ruins Everything" with the inspirational voice, research, and random delivery of Showtime's "Pen & Teller: Bullshit." Both are comedic infotainment shows kicking ass by keeping it real. 2G1M keeps it fresh using various platforms like "Inside Amy Schumer," same candor but more tact.  Delivered by a threesome inspired by Thelma and Louise" and Brad Pitt in a classic convertible. So while Adam Conover corrects myths of all kinds, 2G1M will interpret love in whatever shape, form and culture it resides.

Three Screens2G1M will entertain on three platforms: television, the computer, and mobile devices which keeps the show relevant and interactive. Television meets the online dating world and social media blended with everything mobile for fast paced segments. Everything old is new again so we mix trending with traditional. The 2G1M website is a lily pad for grazing tons of unique material and gathering data, while television delivers packaged entertainment enabling cross-platform promotion.

Ratings and CPMs - No relationship show straddles the center (male & female skewing), where the largest demographic resides (18-49). The highest CPMs are generated by news because the content is topical; with TMZ being a prime example. 2G1M is a mix of topical trending discussions, fast-paced packages and current factoids which keep the show fresh and nimble.

Billion Dollar Brand - FOMO is real! And we accommodate viewers curiosity with on going juicy nuggets! Dating tips and dating online is already a multibillion dollar industry. Love makes the world go round but no one is mining the three screens together and spinning all the relationship data into a sweet interactive shared treat. People want facts, and 2G1M will deliver them.  No longer will viewers walk alone through the relationship mine field. 2G1M will create a movement of sociological enlightenment, as we show viewers how to navigate today’s dating scene and relationships.

Created By
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Beth Hagendorf is best known for her cute candor, expressive personality, and gift of gab. She is an actor, TV host, writer, producer, and bikini fitness athlete. Beth is the executive producer and host of "Blown Away."  She starred on Discovery’s TV series "Fire in the Hole” and hosted Velocity’s TV Series "Drifting with The All Stars”. She is also known for her bikini contests in fitness. Beth is the proud creator of 2G1M. Her unending curiosity fuels her creative energy. Beth attends Leslie Kahns Acting school and Groundlings improv. Her avant-garde quirkiness carries into her scene work. Though an unorthodox tomboy Beth is your classic kind genuine Texas girl and currently lives in Los Angeles.

Naomi Priestley is a beauty and fitness expert with 15 years of experience as one of Hollywood's most sought after makeup artists. She stays fit as a heated spin instructor at the Sweat Shoppe. Naomi was voted “Hottest Trainer in LA for 2014”. Naomi' hosted 50 episodes of the “Shoot the Shit Show,” where you quickly realize you would love to drink with this fun natured Brit who also has a gift for gab. Beth immediatly loved Naomi when they met because of her blunt hold nothing back personality. Naomi grew up outside London, England, in Hertfordshire and studied Fine Art at university. Just like art, she finds the balance in life and can be viewed as the life coach type. By friends, Naomi is refered to as a unicorn. It’s hard to believe she exist because of her many sensational qualities. Sometimes you just want to poke her to see if she is real!  Naomi moved to the U.S after falling lucky in love with her husband Jason Priestley, they reside in Los Angeles with their 2 kids.
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Each sketch cleverly transitions to another. For a unique consistent flow through the topics. 

Sketches will be performed by the 3 show hosts, actors, experts, and everyday folks.

Sketches will include the following means as needed:

- Trending News

- Experts

- Round Tables

- Assignments

- Interviews

- On Location

- Animation

- Travel

- Events

- Man on Street

Through history, travel, and sociology.

Gender, Economics, Age, Ethnicity

Way back when to modern day.

All customs and cultures. 

History                                       Travel                               Demographics                

Topics exploring the subject. They are relevant and not so relevant sociological findings, epidemics, and few and far betweens.

What is the historical definition of infidelity? Is the modern meaning the same?

Why is history so rich with infidelity? 

Did all kings cheat? What about queens?

Do we still cheat as often?

How common is infidelity?

Do we believe in monogamy? Is it natural for humans?

Why do websites like do so well.

Why doThailand and Europe hold the highest rates of infidelity?

Do certain cultures have higher sex drives?


What biological, psychological, and social factors cause higher sex drives?

Is it a persons sex drive that causes one to cheat?

Which states and countries consider infidelity to be illegal? Does the crime fit the punishment?

Are people in power positions more likely to cheat?

In what situations is infidelity most common?

What are the signs of infidelity?


Who cheats more men or woman?


At what age is infidelity most common? Economic status? Ethnicity?

Once a cheater always a cheater? 

What do repeat offenders have in common?


What do the 'one time only' situations all entail?


Closing sketch usually done with just the show host(s).

Inspiring viewers to seek 

actuality and take action.

Enlightened Upbeat

wrap up:

Call 'em to action!
Give 'em truth!



Actuality                        Action

Should you be cautious  or concerned about infidelity?

Remember to visit our website, blog, and social media for all of our facts, findings, and data surrounding infidelity!

Does our society define infidelity as wrong? Determine how you personally feel?

The reality of your relationship and concerns of infidelity.

Empower and engage yourself in the right decisions, discussions, and lifestyle.

Copyright © 2016 Two Girls One Mike 



Beth was inspired to create 2G1M by a growing consensus of friends who were frustrated and confused in their love lives. She herself has been single for six years and for the most part, has an objective stance on love. Being passionate about sociology Beth knew she wanted to teach the world about love from a sociological viewpoint. She found by analyzing enough data and numbers real lessons and understanding could be applied to our love lives.  
Beth devises and Giorgio yes ands. Beth's curious analytical nature is methodically channeled into her writing.  When it comes to love there isn't a viewpoint she would forget to explore. Giorgio helps Beth move each idea and scene away from being another generic concept or shot. Instead every scene is approached on how they can stylistically make it fresh and unique, while still portraying the truth of the story.

2G1M Inspired By:

                                 TV Series:                                     Books:  

                                - "Adam Ruins Everything"        - "Committed: A Skeptic Makes Peace with Marriage" - a worldly study of marriage

                          - "Penn & Teller: Bullshit"           - "There is No App for Happiness: How to Avoid a Near Life Experience" - a reality

                                                                                           check on how to find joy and meaning in a modern culture

Beth Hagendorf is a producer, tv host, actor and writer. She is also the executive producer of "Blown Away," an educational show exploring all things explosive through chemistry, science, and history. Giorgio Daveed is the owner of Giorgio Daveed ProductionsHe is a film producer, director, cinematographer and editor. Giorigio's creates a fresh and different visual experience for his audience. He has worked on projects in the US, Europe, Russia and the former Soviet Republics. 


Cold Open 

sketch introduces subject

Theme Song

animated intro

Each episode we explore 1 subject.

Example Episode
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