turn my geeky passions into TV shows
     am an independent TV producer/creator
     shine in television development
     produce scripted, non-scripted,
     & animated Kids TV series
     act in some and just produce some 
     open to co-productions 
     am a producing partner w/
     NV Studios.

For sizzle reels, pilot episodes, pitch decks, and inquiry contact me, beth@beth(dot)tv

The below are all TV Series.

Beth Hagendorf Blown Away

Format: Unscripted - one hours

Genre: Pop Science & History 

About: Explosions

Title: Blown Away

Sizzle Reel & Pilot Episode Available

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Format: Unscripted - half hours

Genre: Travel Show 

About: Castle's Architecture & History

Title: Crazy Castles

Sales Deck & Episodics Available


Format: Hosted Sketch Comedy - half hours

Genre: Comedy 

About: Love

Title: Two Girls One Mike

Sizzle Reel & Sales Deck Avail

Sky Riders

Format: Animated Kids - 11 min eps 

Genre: Kid 5 - 11 years old

About: Rescue Pilots & Planes

Title: Sky Riders

Pitch Bible & Pilot Script

Format: Unscripted - half hours

Genre: Travel Show 

About: Beer Science & History

Title: Craft Life

Sizzle Reel & Pilot Episode Available


Format: Scripted - one hours

Genre: Drama, Science Fiction

About: Souls travel through time.

Title: The Space Between

Pitch Bible Coming Soon


"Blown Away" is a new pop science series hosted by three best friends. Together they explore one mind blowing topic at a time through science, history, and high speed cameras. The world is nothing but energy in various forms. "Blown Away" covers the good bad and the ugly of explosions, and how they have shaped our world for the better and worst.  And most importantly how we can help them shape our future. From kinetic energy, cannons, TNT, landmines, rockets, medieval weapons to modern day bombs and natural catastrophes like Mt. Krakatoa to the man-made ones such as Chernobyl or Halifax!


"Two Girls One Mike" separates fact from fiction when it comes to all things dating, love, and marriage. Our three savvy hosts are on a mission to find out why something so widely desired has become so convoluted. Each episode of 2G1M explores love through a series of sketch scenes.


"Craft Life"  is all about beer. We are on a quest to travel and discover everything that is beer. From beer made by monks, to today’s micro and macro breweries, to beer Spas in Prague, a show so immersed you can taste the culture. 


Brewing is an ancient tradition that meets the modern-day science labs. Has the process changed and are the brews better? We dive into fermented deliciousness from medieval to modern days to find out just how did we get to this craft beer haven we live in today and what it takes to rise to the top!


Crazy Castles is a hosted travel show where old meets new. Castles once demolished by gunpowder are rebuilt in digital 3D blueprints to relive the bloodshed and those wed with a whole lot of crazy in-between. It's an explosive good time with live action explosions on each episode and generated visuals never seen before of these enchanting yet grisly times past. 

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Sky Riders is an animated Kids TV show for 5-11 years old. Where three children are rescue pilots under the direction of Legacy, an indestructible intelligence plane who lives in a supernatural plane boneyard. When local rescue teams have a unique mission they can’t handle, the Sky Riders are called to fly to the rescue. The Sky Riders are a team composed of both planes and kid pilots. With the planes history under their wings together they can do anything!

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"Pirates Inc" flips possessed assets from druglords! The Pirate Inc. team buys the items for resale and begin negotiations with eager buyers. There's training, then the hunt, and then the spoils! 


The journey takes us in his private jet from Florida to California then back to the cities and jungles of the Domini-can Republic, Belize, Trinidad, Panama and many others often dangerous destinations we can not reveal.


"Phantom Properties," a team of psychics work alongside realtors to help close escrow on stigmatized properties. They recount the tragedies and explore properties to find out are the properties still haunted, is the stigma worth the cost, would you live here?