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is an American actor and TV producer/creator. She is best known for her curious candor, expressive personality, and gift of gab. She starred on Discovery Channel’s TV series "Fire in the Hole." Hagendorf was the host for TV show "Drifting with The All Stars" on the Velocity Channel.  Beth is also an athlete in bodybuildings bikini fitness contest.


She is an independent producer/creator of TV series. Her recent focus has been developing "Blown Away," and "Crazy Castles," shows that she hosts. She also enjoys creating an online series "Spirituality Explained For the Average Joe" and producing "The Texan" podcast coming soon.



She was raised on a 6,000-acre cattle ranch called Tait Ranch in the small town of Columbus TX. She attended Texas A&M University and graduated in 3 years with a BS in Sociology. For eight years Beth lived in Austin, TX  she designed and oversaw the construction of a 3 story glass house that received accolades for its creativity and innovation by the New York Times. 


For ten years she worked in mortgage finance for Bank of America, Indy Mac Bank, and JP Morgan. In 2011, her work in finance moved her to La Jolla, CA where she began to focus on weight training and fitness bikini contests that lead her into modeling. On the fitness stage, she found she loved to speak and perform and enrolled in acting and TV hosting classes. In 2014, she left the corporate finance world, and moved to LA to focus solely on her creative career. Beth is your classic genuine Texas girl.


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