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Bikini Fitness Q&A                                                     Modeling Q&A

bikini university

 "a modeling academy"

After a surprising amount of ?'s from people... A friend of mine said why not just put it all out there.... Yea why the hell not!

                                    Your 1 stop shop bikini talk!

Nothing taste better than skinny!


Bikini Photo Shoot

 Flex Magazine 

Bikini Fitness Video

4 days out from The Arnold Classic 2013. 

Bikini Fitness Video

6 weeks out from The Arnold Classic 2013. 

Ab Workout Video

4 effective ab workouts 

Glute Workout Video

4 effective glute workouts 

disclaimer: I am not an expert. I'am partially writing this for the haters. Yes ladies lesson #1 no matter what you do  you will run into them both  male and female. It will sting, put it behind you and let it be a driving force behind your success. For everything I write there will be an opposing argument and belief. That is the beauty of the internet though. We can all just write a bunch of mumbo jumbo and call it factual. This is what I have conjectured so far. 


My 2 cents.​

When girls tell me they want to compete, I am VERY hesitant to comment. There is a LARGE mental aspect you are stepping into by doing this. My bestest and seasoned bikini girlfriend Grissel Martinez posed this question to me over post Arnold Classic competition margaritas. "Beth, what do you want to get out of this"? Ladies really try and answer this before you start, heck write the answer down! Once you start competing you will quickly see it will suck you in. You have entered an industry that people will tell you what your body should look like. You are literally being judged on every curve of your body. You will begin to constantly compare yourself to other girls. You may have reached all your original goals but find your self more unhappy with your body than before because you are now trying to meet so many industry standards. Throw in modeling into the mix now you have managers, agencies, sponsors, and photographers all telling you to look a different way. You will consider anything over your stage weight fat. Staying fit isn't fun anymore you actually start referring to the gym as working. If you had an eating disorder or have one I strongly encourage you NOT to compete. A competition diet is close enough to an eating disorder anyway. For most of us that didn't have an eating disorder before competing we now have taken on different food phobias. Very few of us can say we have a healthy balance and relationship with food. If you want to enter to "win" that is the worst reason. I will tell you now, THE BEST PHYSIQUE WILL NOT WIN! Plus the best physique is totally subjective. I have sat right behind the judges at tons of bikini contest and VERY rarely do they place the girls where they should be. Ask any competitor and they will agree! Its a total crap shoot. Sometimes you are lucky and some have more luck than others. I know I'm lucky but I do believe in creating your own luck too. So compete for a different reason. Don't compete to win,  you are setting yourself up for heart ache if you do.

There are a ton of empowering benefits you will get from competing  and performing on stage. However I wanted to first mention what most people won't say upfront. Now if you still want to compete, then you want it bad enough and have tenacity. Good! You will need it!

How do I start competing in fitness?

There are 3 fitness leagues for amtatuers that I know of. There is the NPC, INBA, and WBFF. The IFBB is the pro league for the NPC.  There is also WBFF and INBA pro leagues. You must earn your pro card to compete at a pro level. So go to those three websites and find which league will have contest dates and locations that will work for you. Each league has different classes you can enter. In addition to competition suits there are classes that allow you to speak, perform, wear fitness outfits, gowns, and costumes. Generally the transformatin period to a show is 12 weeks. But this window can vary depending upon where your body is at. Pick a show, mark the calendar, register and pay. Then START KICKING SOME ASS! No lookin back! 

Beth who makes your kick ass bikinis?

Aglay Garcia in San Diego does. You can find her work on her FB or on her website at She has made fitness suits for 20 years. No one knows competition suits like she does. There isn't a fabric or piece of hardware that you can dream up that she doesn't have or wont do. She can make your suit if you live here or out of town or state.

What is a standard bikini physique?

For NPC TINY TINY! For WBFF its called buff bikini. For INBA just bring your best healthy package!

NPC- quads must be little (ladies train legs with plyo no squatting) rounded shoulders, tiny hour glass waist. and of course most important, its all about the GLUTES!


What do I need to pack for a show? (this is my checklist)

loose  over sized black shirt or robe to wear before you put on your bikini, 2 sets of clear heels, 2 bikinis (incase one breaks), jewelry, hair n makeup stuff, bikini bite if needed, rice cakes, almonds, carrots, competition goo, your other food, my after stage treats!, after show outfit that is always black because your tan gets everywhere. Typically we put all of this in a roll away carry on. 

What do you do for cardio?

I change it up so I don't get burnt out. Run, Ellyptical, HIIT, & Plyo
What is your favorite pre workout?

Jack 3D potent stuff, but my body built a tolerance to all stimulant based supplements so fat burners or preworkouts just make me feel weird or sick now.
Do water pills work?

for me I always think they lean me out and my veins show more ;)  both the prescription and non prescription kind work.

How do you learn how to pose?

YOUTUBE! I have some YouTube videos on my youtube channell BethHagendorf that covers posing. Embrace embarasing yourself like I did, get in front of the mirrors at the gym in heels in little clothing and practice practice practice! 


Here is a video of me posing for my Dadt as he helps critique me the night before the show. This video is for my 2nd show I ever did. My glutes are NOT developed yet. Thankfully I have improved them. :)



​​How can I get started modeling?

Find a decent photographer or two to shoot 5 different looks for you. Pick a wardrobe that would fit the type of modeling you want to do. Do not pay as there are always photographers willing to trade. I will address "trade" in another question. Take your best 2-3 shots of each wardrobe and start a model profile. ModelMayhem is probably the largest. Other websites are Model Wire Network, One Model Place, Talent Envy, LA Casting, American Model, Once Source Talent, Model Network, I Model, and there are several more. On each website there are numerous ways for you to get started networking and gaining work from photographers and castings that will be posted on those websites.  The ways to find work are endless on the internet. I get random emails for work from people I have no idea how they found me, and I'm not even "out there" as much as I should be. 

What kind of model am I?

Fashion Models are 5'9" or taller that do runway and fashion shoots for print. Generally signed on with an exclusive agency before 20 years old. 

Then there is  Commercial Models also known as amateur models. (you are not earning a living doing this) You are working independently and can be signed with multiple agencies. These models range in any age range, gender, and height.  Commercial modeling will encompass lifestyle, product advertising, illustrated in magazines. You must be photogenic and attractive. Then there is promo, glamour, lingerie, bikini, body part (ex: hair model), alternative (ex: tattoo or bright hair), fetish, and nude. Notice I didn't put fitness modeling because you will find fitness modeling isn't even actually considered a genre in most articles. It is that small of category that is highly competitive and can easily be considered part of all the prior genres. I rarely say I'm a "fitness model." It immediately pigeon holes you if you do. Some clients or agencies may think you will look a certain way (like too hard) and not take you on. 


There are only 4 reasons to shoot for trade.

1. If the photographer has a one of a kind style, technique, or look that you must have in your portfolio in order to gain more work.​
2. If it's your idea to shoot & you are gaining something very specific that you can't find a way to get paid to already shoot. Or if you are shooting a stock photo with plans to later get paid for it. ex: I had access to alot of snakes and needed them shot w/ me. 
3. The photographer, client, agency, company is so established by shooting with them it immediately advances your career. ex: Maxim (yep the hometown hotties are not getting paid)

4. For charity, there are tons of ways you can raise money for charity by modeling

Everyone models for different reasons. For myself I only have time to take on projects for print or that pay me more than what I think my time, travel, and preperation is worth. I will admit I have an assertive attitude on trade. There is one crème de la crème agency out of Florida, Forte Models, that shares my views. When an agency pays talent for less to gain more business from clients or when a model agrees to work for lower rates or trade they are hurting the industries established rates and devaluing the services they are offering. Models are making this into a "Why Buy The Cow" industry. Back in the day when a model could make a living being a model, they were paid $800 / day for a trade show. Now models jump at the idea to get $150. OMG ladies geez, that is less than $20 an hour for pete sakes! More and more people are calling themselves models and shooting for free! So if you decide to model give yourself the value you deserve.


A great photographer I work with said this about trade. Who pays who, the photographer or the model? It comes down to who needs the other more. And I personally believe it also comes down to who is more of the expert. There are a ton of LA glamour photographers I know that I wouldn't dare give them my rates. When I shoot with them I feel very lucky not to have to pay them because their expertise in the industry supercedes mine. 

If a photographer contacts you then reply back with your rates. If they contact you and they also write trade, or tfp, or tfcd, thank them and reply back with your rates. You will be surprised that over 50% of them will be willing to pay you. Unless you live in like Idaho there should be other photographers to shoot with. 

Off the very top of my head, hear are some rates a model would charge.

Editorial / Lifetstyle / Fitness: $80 /hr

Bikini: $100 - $150 /hr

Lingerie: $150 /hr any less ladies and your really giving away the farm

Nude: gosh, I don't know ALOT!  

Personality / On Camera Day Rates: $300-$500, $650 when good, $1100 when famous


Do I need a model manager?

First an agency is different from a manager. An agency sends you work assignments to apply for and takes a percentage.  A manager would manage you and take a percentage. I find to accurately manager someone you need to be as close to them as you are with a spouse. In order for them to represent you, now days primarily online  they would need all of your info, passwords, accounts, see you every single day, know your schedule, talk to you several times a day, and agree with each other 90% of the time with your career, you would need to call every time you have an idea, and they must not manage but maybe 10 other models. Lastly the most important thing is they would need to believe in you more than you believe in yourself if they are selling you to clients and casting directors. If you did find this in a manager, the problem of intellectual property so to say would then come up. What is yours and what is your managers in regards to what they should be compensated for. Do they have claim to everything you do even if it has nothing to do with them finding you work?  So having a very clear contract outlining what they have a right to is important. Avoid signing anything exclusive. If you do have a manager do not tell any casting director or photographer you do as they will immediately be turned off to working with you. They do not want to deal with a manager. They want to deal directly with the model. So my answer is no.  However in regards to an acting manager for film and television my answer is yes. 

What is photo shoot ready?

If you are not supposed to do your own hair and makeup, and they have a MUA (make up artist). Then you are expected to arrive like a blank slate and pack the following standards.

-no nail polish
-no makeup, at all
-clean un styled hair they will tell you if they want you to put any product in it before hand
-shaved, if waxing do it days before 

-tanned to fit the shoot you are doing, no tan lines
-do NOT wear tight clothes as you will have the imprint from the clothing on your skin
-clear, black, and nude heels
-baby oil or gel or lotion
-glossy lip gloss
-eyelashes n glue, boy u wouldn't believe how often these delay shoots
-snacks, its no fun shooting grumpy and hungry
-water, lets stay hydrated ladies!
-a good attitude

​Modeling Flakes....

why is there such a propensity of models who flake.... wth ladies! no one gives a crap if your boyfriend doesn't like you modeling, your car got a flat, you got sick, or the most popular one you just don't give an excuse at all. WTH! be a grown up professional, if you commit to something show up! Every single project Im on that involves other models involves flakers, even when it is paid or for print. sorry to vent ladies but alot of your time will be building trust so people will believe you when you say... "I will be there". The only good thing about this is there is tons of last minute openings posted. Most projects even build in a flake safe amount of models and just assume half of us will show. 



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