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Two Girl One Mike


Pilot episode avail!

Unscripted, TV Series, Non-fiction, Science, History

Blown Away is a new pop science series hosted by friends. Together they explore one mind blowing topic at a time through science, history, and high speed cameras. The world is nothing but energy in various forms. Blown Away covers the good bad and the ugly of explosions, and how they have shaped our world for the better and worst. A mash-up of Myth Busters, Hollywood Weapons, and 1980's That's Incredible with a pinch of quantum physics and fun!

The Beer Show


Scripted, TV Series, Sketch Comedy


Each episode of Two Girls One Mike explores one topic about love through a series of sketch scenes in a formatted sketch comedy. Three savvy hosts, part of a sketch comedy family, separate fact from fiction when it comes to all things love, dating, and marriage to find out why, love, something so widely desired, has become so convoluted. Using sociology through history and different cultures the gang journeys through what makes us human.

with Giorgio Daveed Productions

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New Beer Deck_edited.jpg

Unscripted, TV Series, Non-fiction, Travel, History, Science

The Beer Show  is all about beer. We are on a quest to travel and discover everything that is beer. From beer made by monks, to today’s micro and macro breweries, to beer festivals, a show so immersed in culture you can taste it. Brewing is an ancient tradition that meets the modern-day science labs. We dive into fermented deliciousness from medieval to modern to find out just how did we get to this craft beer haven we live in today and what it takes to rise to the top!

Pilot episode avail!
Dead History


Unscripted, TV Series, Non-fiction, Travel, History, Biography


Dead History - World's Greatest Cemeteries is An inspiring, creepy and fascinating look at the history of death and dying around the world. Dead History removes the veil from the taboo topic of death and probes it with humor, curiosity, openness and respect. About 109 billion humans have died on Earth, each with a unique story. Beth Hagendorf visits the world's most beautiful and famous cemeteries and the dynamic people who rest there. Death is the one and only thing we as humans share, it's time we explore it.

Crazy Castles
Cemetery Show cov.jpg


Unscripted, TV Series, Non-fiction, Travel, History, Biography


Crazy Castles is an accessible fun history show where we visit the most unique crazy castles. A formatted hosted travel series, it's Extreme Engineering and Megastructures meets Mysteries at the Museum. The 3 hooks of the show are 1) it's formated where we rank each castle's crazy on our Madness Meter, 2) we explore and rebuild ancient megastructures using modern tech that drops you into the castles, 3) with armorist and weapon experts we recreate and demonstrate wartime tactics used on castles.

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Sky Riders


Scripted, TV Series, Kids, Animated Adventure Comedy

Sky Riders is an animated Kids TV series for 5-11 years old. Where three children become rescue pilots under the direction of Legacy, an indestructible intelligence plane who lives in a supernatural plane boneyard. When local rescue teams have a unique mission they can’t handle, the Sky Riders are called to fly to the rescue. The Sky Riders are a team composed of both planes and kid pilots. With the planes history under their wings together they can do anything! Welcome to the world  where your friends are planes and you get to fly them!

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in production with Wild Child Productions & Orwo Studios

Washups cover.jpg
Washups parents_edited.png

Scripted, Film, Sports Comedy


Logline: Parents of rival high school football teams decide to settle the score themselves, leading to a clash of midlife wash-ups and competitive antics.


Washups is a sports comedy that follows the journey of two rival football teams' parents as they navigate midlife challenges, rediscover themselves and forge unlikely friendships. Tensions rise when the dads from each team, led by a former quarterback, Cheyne, and a zealous health bio-hacker, Chad, engage in a social media feud. Fueled by their midlife crisis and a desire to prove themselves; they challenge each other to settle the score on the football field.
Meanwhile, the moms of both teams rally together to support their husbands and find their own place in the rivalry. They form their own cheerleading squads, determined to bring their unique brand of spirit to the challenge.

Wild West


bank robber.jpg

Unscripted, TV Series, True Crime Docuseries


Wild West Serial Killers as good as it sounds... more deets to come.


WEster cov.jpg
House of Cards


doomsday documentary, grid down


3 part Docuseries, Science, History - Currently in Production


Spirit of the Bomb explores man’s connection between explosives and the unseen energy that creates worlds. The story of the energy behind the first crackling cave fire and the atomic bomb is one that goes into the depths of our very creation. SOB journeys through all of explosive history. From man’s lizard brain to understanding our consciousness and finally to our future threat if Ai will either save or exterminate mankind.

sob pos.jpg


Just Visiting
ordnance poster.jpg

Scripted, TV Series, Drama, Adventure, Military


The FBI, police, CSI, bomb squads, CIA, military, and MI5 shows and films have all been done but no TV series has taken us into the UXO world. Ordnance takes us onto the grid of the unexploded ordnance world, following the lives of misfits who work together clearing grounds of explosive materials.

Soul Insuance


Scripted, TV Series, Drama, Adventure, Sci-fi


Just Visiting is a series that follows a group of souls that journey back and forth to Earth School from the Astral Heavens. The souls live in the Astral Heavens that are teaming with luminous planets and vibrational realms where they explore their soul qualities and relationships they want to improve when they visit Earth School with their guidance counselors and elders.

Just Visiting Pic.jpg


Soul Insurance poster.jpg

Scripted, Film, Drama, Biography

Logline: During the economic prosperity of the 1920's a millionaire business tycoon who helped shape the American insurance industry seeks happiness and finds it outside of anything material.

This project will be in collaboration and cooperation with Self Realization Fellowship, a worldwide religious organization founded by Paramahansa Yogananda.


Unscripted, TV Series, Reality

Pirates Inc flips possessed assets from druglords! The Pirate Inc. team buys the items for resale and begin negotiations with eager buyers. There's training, then the hunt, and then the spoils! 


The journey takes us in his private jet from Florida to California then back to the cities and jungles of the Domini-can Republic, Belize, Trinidad, Panama and many others often dangerous destinations we can not reveal.


Unscripted, TV Series, Reality

Phantom Properties a team of psychics work alongside realtors to help close escrow on stigmatized properties. They recount the tragedies and explore properties to find out are the properties still haunted, is the stigma worth the cost, would you live here?

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