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Thank You! 

3 Friends in the Spotlight

I don't do all this amazing stuff on my own. There is always a voice in my head that gives me the idea and encouragement. This page is dedicated to those who believe in me. I will continue to post them here as I encounter these kind souls.

Aaron Lebsack   

DP  / Corporate Media Guru 


Like my business cards? Think my skin always looks perfect? Well you can thank this man.  I was lucky to have met Aaron for a photo shoot early on when I got started. Aaron has a very unique method of skin smoothing unlike any other photographer. Great images were born but in addition he kept shooting continuous  ideas to me. We mesh together well because we are both country bumpkins and tend to have the same vision for my career... well Aaron's is alot more polished than mine! Aaron does copious amounts of charity work with photography. The most selfless person I have met in CA so far. He's always willing to help and insists on nothing in return. He has given many other models one of a kind imagery and direction with his natural insight. Models will meet guys with cameras (GWC) that discredit photographers. Thank God there are still some like Aaron that bring integrity and mastery to the title "Photographer"

Aaron, I can honestly say I probably wouldn't even have this website if it wasn't for you! Infinite thank you's for helping me find myself and believing in me. Oh yea and all our kick ass images. ;)

find AAron's work here 

Danny Torgl   

Head Master Trainer and Contest Prep Coach 

If you know me, I'm usually in a good mood and love to joke around. Well Danny is the same, which is probably why we enjoy working together in and out of the gym. When we trained at 5:30AM when I'm not in a good mood, every single time Danny would be there with a XL coffee for me with creamer. He never once gave me a guilt trip about the creamer either. His passion for bodybuilding starts decades ago when he was young and competing in his prime. He is so passionate about the sport and his clients success you would swear he himself is prepping for that show too. He rides the emotional and physical journey right there along with you.


Let me also be straight... Girls can be annoying... we forever pick at ourselves and our lack of progression. Danny is forever the positive shining light that will tell you differently and will find the progress you have made to focus on. He also is the kindest, generous, PATIENT friend in fitness I have. He is the unlucky camera guy behind all those goofy gym  and progress videos I make. Allowing me to do as many takes as I want until I get it right. 

Danny, I know our paths were meant to cross and be in each others lives. I feel so lucky to get to be coached by you and absorb your positive energy you beam. Good Luck training, as you prepare for your show this summer 2013!

 find Danny Torgl on Facebook click here 

John Zelezny   

PR Advisor / Media Lawyer / Author, Speaker, Expert for1st Amendment Law / Photographer 

Diamond in the Rough, is the first thing that comes to mind when I think about John. Secondly he is the type of photographer my father would want me to shoot with. On so many levels its amazing to work with John due to his instant pleasant nature. I have never been so well taken care of on a photo shoot as I am with John. Moreover his professionalism and etiquette on set is refreshing and reassuring. What separates him is his true love and passion for the art of glamour photography. On set we sit down together and study other great works of art and discuss our lighting methods and feel for what we want to create. You can see how much thought John puts behind each frame he creates. Not only talented with his camera and lighting he is distinguished in law. He selflessly offers help to the challenges we models face in legal contracts and public relations. Sometimes I think its unreal how lucky I am to have met him. He is tremendously inspiring for me to keep pushing myself. He has shot my favorite photo I have taken on the right. Thank you John for all the beautiful images we continue to create even though we live 5 hours apart, but mainly thank you for being you, my friend, and trusted advisor. 


Random Inspiring Fact I love about John:​

The Baltimore Sun: At 39, John broke fitness guru Jack LaLanne's 35-year-old world record of 1,000 of both push-ups & pull-ups in 1 hr, 22 mins.   In 1 hr, 17 mins  John did 1,006 chin-ups & 1,006 push-ups under the watchful eyes of four counters and hundreds of cheering students. After 1000, John raised his hands, nodded and smiled to the jubilant students. jumped up to grab the chin-up bar, did six, then dropped to the floor and pumped six more push-ups. World record..... "I was in high school when I clipped an article that mentioned the [chin-up and push-up] record by Jack LaLanne, I kept it because I thought it might be something that I might be able to do." - John Zelezny


find John's modeling portfolio here

find John's legal work here

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