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Don't put it off any longer! Get your website up and running!... Hire me to build your website.

What I can Do

Design, Create, &  Build Website

∞ Domain & Hosting Connections

Logo / Banner Desgin

Social Media Consulting

Brand Creation Consulting

SEO - search engine optimization

Email setup

Store / Merchant Setup

Email Subscriber Setup

Google Analytics

General Photoshop

Format converting for files


How It Works

  • We determine  what you need and what time frame will work for both of us       and we can discuss details over phone.

  • Provide me as much content such as logo, pics, text, other website names           that are relative.

  • You will pay to setup a domain or we will use a domain you already own. Domains generally cost $5 -$15 / year. The domain is the address to where your website is stored.

  • You will pay for your web hosting package. We  can determine what best fits your needs (generally around $100-$150 / year) Your hosting is the storing of your websites information.

  • I prefer you use for web hosting. I prefer to build using HTML5 over Wordpress b/c it is more flexible fore design, more security,  and less cost. You will read that wordpress is easy for SEO BUT I still can setup SEO on HTML5! Flash is now of the dark ages due to the popular use of mobile viewing. 

  • I will create samples designs, you critique as I build until we are happy.


  • Afterwards- You can still contact me for free ammendments to your website.  Just like your business it is always evolving too. Major ammendments is extra fee. I can also provide help and guidance on how to maintain it yourself.  


How Much I Charge

Anyone can build a website now. Yay! What you are paying me for is the patience and hours it takes to design an oh so tedius, asthetically pleasing website layout. Think it's easy.... I humorously encourage you to try. hehehehe

Everything depends on the project but here's the ol' ballpark.

Website Design $1000 -2000.

Existing Website Makeover $1,000

Pay half up front and 2nd half after completeion via Paypal.


If you are looking for cheaper try or They are beneficial for certain projects. It's hit and miss finding an amazing artist that is responsive. I use them often so I'm speaking from experience. 

I've created a wide range of websites!
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