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Two Girls One Mike
Meet the Cast
These 3 are quite the social butterflies online, together they have 640,000+ followers. 
It's Complicated
Mike Rylander has worked as an actor, host, writer and producer in a wide variety of mediums and genres throughout the years. A few of his acting credits are Parks and Recreation and The Young and the Restless. Mike spent 2 years as a host, writer and producer of two satirical weird news series on Ora TV. He is also great live! Mike has been an NBA arena host for 7 years and a talk radio host. Mike has studied improv and sketch comedy at UCB and has performed at several theatres. On set, Mike's improv keeps us guessing and laughing our asses off. Comedy and creativity pours out of Mike and though he often plays the idiot, ladies find him attractive. Cosmopolitan Magazine named him one of the 50 Sexiest Bachelors in 2007. Mike is from North Dakota and lives in Los Angeles with his daughter, Parson. 
Love, It's Complicated! Or is it?
Beth Hagendorf is an actor, TV host, writer, producer, and bikini fitness athlete. Beth is the executive producer and host of "Blown Away" that films in 2017 . She starred on Discovery’s TV series "Fire in the Hole” and hosted Velocity’s TV Series "Drifting with The All Stars”. She is also known for her bikini contests in fitness. Beth is the proud creator of 2G1M. Her unending curiosity fuels her creative energy. She is best known for her cute candor, expressive personality, and gift of gab. Beth attends Leslie Kahns Acting school and Groundlings improv. Her avant-garde quirkiness carries into her scene work. Though an unorthodox tomboy Beth is your classic kind genuine Texas girl and currently lives in Los Angeles.
0 Sexiest Bachelors in 2007. Mike is from North Dakota and lives in Los Angeles with his daughter, Parson. 
Naomi Priestley is a beauty and fitness expert with 15 years of experience as one of Hollywood's most sought after makeup artists. She stays fit as a heated spin instructor at the Sweat Shoppe. Naomi was voted “Hottest Trainer in LA for 2014”. Naomi' hosted 50 episodes of the “Shoot the Shit Show,” where you quickly realize you would love to drink with this fun natured Brit who also has a gift for gab. Beth immediatly loved Naomi when they met because of her blunt hold nothing back personality. Naomi grew up outside London, England, in Hertfordshire and studied Fine Art at university. Just like art, she finds the balance in life and can be viewed as the life coach type. By friends, Naomi is refered to as a unicorn. It’s hard to believe she exist because of her many sensational qualities. Sometimes you just want to poke her to see if she is real!  Naomi moved to the U.S after falling lucky in love with her husband Jason Priestley, they reside in Los Angeles with their 2 kids.

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