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Beth Hagendorf
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Giorgio Daveed
Beth was inspired to create 2G1M by a growing consensus of friends who were frustrated and confused in their love lives. She herself has been single for six years and for the most part, has an objective stance on love. Being passionate about sociology Beth knew she wanted to teach the world about love from a sociological viewpoint. She found by analyzing enough data and numbers real lessons and understanding could be applied to our love lives.  
Beth devises and Giorgio yes ands. Beth's curious analytical nature is methodically channeled into her writing.  When it comes to love there isn't a viewpoint she would forget to explore. Giorgio helps Beth move each idea and scene away from being another generic concept or shot. Instead every scene is approached on how they can stylistically make it fresh and unique, while still portraying the truth of the story.

2G1M Inspired By:

                                 TV Series:                                     Books:  

                                - "Adam Ruins Everything"        - "Committed: A Skeptic Makes Peace with Marriage" - a worldly study of marriage

                          - "Penn & Teller: Bullshit"           - "There is No App for Happiness: How to Avoid a Near Life Experience" - a reality

                                                                                           check on how to find joy and meaning in a modern culture

Beth Hagendorf is a producer, tv host, actor and writer. She is also the executive producer of "Blown Away," an educational show exploring all things explosive through chemistry, science, and history. Giorgio Daveed is the owner of Giorgio Daveed ProductionsHe is a film producer, director, cinematographer and editor. Giorigio's creates a fresh and different visual experience for his audience. He has worked on projects in the US, Europe, Russia and the former Soviet Republics. 
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