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Some subjects have enough content for 2+ episodes. In no particular order.


“The Secret Ingredients" We illustrate step by step each ingredient it takes to have a marriage with the lowest possibility of divorce. Are they birds of a feather or opposites? We tell you why you are more likely to divorce if you co-habitat before marriage, and the top 8 factors that determine your relationships resiliency.


“DTR...Define the Relationship!” Why are we so afraid to make things official these days? Facebook gives us 11 relationship statuses but we go beyond Facebook official. We explore statuses from way back when to today. Naomi will become a ‘goomah,’ and we eliminate the confusion that Ross and Rachel encountered when ‘on a break.’ The gang runs a campaign to ‘DTR’ which urges daters to stop being so indecisive, living in the grey, and giving the milk away for free.


“Dear John” LDR’s, we have all had em, some work and some don’t. Like Jim Cramer’s “Mad Money” we give you the run down on all numbers behind LDR’s so you can bet long instead of wagering on the short. Our grandparents made it work through the war using snail mail, why is it harder for us when we have Skype, FaceTime, and texting? Does a person’s libido determine if they can be faithful while away from their partner? What do people do in LDR's to make them work?


We hear “It’s Complicated” far too often. The gang analyzes all the appropriate times this label can apply. Then dive deeper into a philosophical analysis of the probability of an ‘It’s Complicated’ situation turning into something not so complicated. Then dive even deeper to determine what kind of folks find themselves in these pickles! Are they everyday folks or repeat offenders?


Farting, love goggles, meeting the parents, the honey moon stage, sharing a Netflix account... We examine all the stages!  Find out what stage every relationship must enter into to be successful! Get schooled as Naomi and Beth lead a classroom study on all things time relative. We hypothesize about those that jump from relationship to relationship, and discover the standard stages taken throughout many cultures. 


If your over the age of 30 and dating it's likely you have stepped into a decorated situation. Previous marriages, kids, careers, living situations, family, crazy ex's, addictions... things get hairy easily. We find the deranged situations that we can't even dream up and review more common ones.  What percentage of divorcees have a crazy ex versus an amicable ex? Do we adjust to baggage as we get older? What standards do we keep and when are we flexible. 


Quite a bit of the world’s problems could be solved if we gave our intentions and expectations up front. When dealing with romance it’s common to keep a little mystery and appear easy going. Often though this leads to wasted time, broken hearts, and feelings of frustration and distrust. How long do you want to wait to have sex? Can a woman be too upfront about her intentions to marry and have children? What are the guy’s expectations versus the girls? Wouldn’t life be easier if there where check boxes to filter the bullshit?! Jump on the rant train as we understand all things where we are not on the same page!


It's all things second chances. How often do we get back with our ex? How often does it work? Some of us split and never think of them again and others continue to play a vital role in our lives. What is acceptable when it come to our Exs? We walk you threw it all! Find out what countries keep their Exs close and some far far away. Just what is a re-date?


Technically humans aren't classified as a monogamous species. However, most cultures practice or try to practice monogamy. We explore topics discussed in the book, The Myth of Monogamy. Don’t worry, we won’t forget monogamy’s often forgotten friends polygamy and polyandry too. We talk to many married and previously married folks to get the candid opinion of humans as monogamist.


“Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number…?” The gang confronts Beth about her expiring ovaries. Should she take the Eastern belief and meditate him into her life? Or the Western route and open 5 online dating accounts and stalk her pray? When are we... no longer hot, in our sexual prime, lose our virginity, stop having sex, of marrying age? What do we desire in our 20’s, 30’s, and so on and what are the actual stages of a cougar? How much weight does age carry in mate selection? What are the normal and not so normal age ranges people have and do they work? Past to present when do we get married?


“Before Dearly Beloved” Marriage hasn’t always been a sacred tradition. For ten centuries Christianity itself did not see marriage as being a “holy matrimony.” It was a repugnant worldly affair that the gang recreates. Beth marries a dead rich Chinese man to explore the Chinese tradition of ‘ghost marriages’. We then find out what religion has always seen marriage in the higher concerns of divinity.


"Texting and Talking" We live in a age where texting is how we exchange most of our initial conversation after meeting. With a panel of folks we analize these texts and let viewers learn what is desired by men and woman and what is not. It's all things texting! The second half we explore the sometimes forgotten world of chatting on the phone. Then onto facetiming and skyping. Lastly we look at sexting and phone sex. What percentage of people sext and have phone sex? And who finishes with a home run!?


“Smooches” Is kissing universally the same? We list out just all the ways one can kiss including the good and the bad. Longest, wettest, loudest, weirdest we go there… literally. Find out when and where most first kisses take place and all the places we loved to be kissed. What it means and which country is the friendliest with sharing their smooches.


“Deal breakers, Types, Ideals, Oh My” How many of us have a type? What are the 3 most important things you look for in someone? Why does height matter? Can a vegan and carnivore or republican and democrat ride off into the sunset together? Find out what the most common deal breakers are. We breakdown each standard fashion type then let you know which is the most desired in which region of the world.


“What I Really Mean Is” What if we lived in a world where we told someone exactly what we meant? The truth will set you free!? We decode the most common misused statements among lovers! Do we lose romance when we gain honesty? How many times will Mike be slapped when being honest? Travel with us to some of the more blunter societies and find out if we would be better off being completely honest all the time.


“What’s your Love Language” Every person has a primary way of both giving and receiving love. That is your love language. Understanding this can help you with not only your romantic relationships but also with your children, family, and work relationships. The gang will put these languages to the test. Find out which cultures favor which love language.Lastly we visit with author Gary Chapman author of “The Five Love Languages.”


Define good sex. Is sex universally the same? Find out when dating how long we wait to have sex, when we lose our virginity, how often we have sex, and just how long sex lasts. Then find out how all this varies abroad. Are Italians really better lovers? Just how often is sex on our minds? This is one of the gang’s favorite topics and they love to open up in this ask all tell all, after all the girls are in their sexual prime. ;)


“Then Technology Happened” No poet is ever going to write about gazing into his lover’s emoticons. Are we more connected or disconnected? Has technology turned us into a no responsibility society? Rants and Raves of all the dating apps and what a typical “about me” profile should include. Followed with a round table discussion of millennials discussing the dating hardships of today. Are 9’s and 10’s even dating online and just why is Denmark the worst place for online dating? Find out how technology killed the seven-year itch. 


Learn what to do, where to go, what to expect and all the things you shouldn’t do. Beth goes on a ranting rage covering all the things men do on a first date that she hates. Then find out what other countries do that is not so conventional for a first date.



“So How’d You Meet” tends to be one of the most common questions asked when introducing your new found other half. Yet we still as a society are baffled about where to meet someone. So get a pen and paper out as we count down the most common places people meet and what you can do to increase your chances of getting that number.


“To Cheat or Not To Cheat,” Do we still believe in monogamy? Technically humans are not considered a monogamous species. What are the signs that someone is cheating? Should you tell your spouse if you cheat? We find out why Thailand and Europe hold the highest rates of infidelity. Past to present, which countries and 23 states in the U.S consider cheating to be illegal? Will Mike be hung or stoned to death on town square for his cheating ways? Why is infidelity so deeply imbedded into history? What percentage of people with power cheat? Just what is the historic definition of “infidelity”?


How many of us see a break up coming? Are there signs that a break up is on the horizon? Beth reenacts the worse way she has been dumped? We walk you through the yearly calendar to let you just when the breakup seasons are and find out just who is doing the dumping. Is it easier to be the dumper or the dumpee?



“OMG He did what?!” Worst breakup story, Best date, Worst kiss, Best Pickup, Sweetest thing someone did for you, Worst things to do on a date! Yep, experience the extreme highs and lows of love as the cast relives these epic moments. Learn from others winning thoughtful moments and avoid being that douche that dumped Beth via text.


A pickup artist (PUA) is a person who practices finding, attracting, and seducing sexual partners. No joke! There is a large community of PUA’s and we explore all things pick up! Does it work and is it really an ‘art’? Explore the world of attraction, and find out all the techniques you can use to get what you want in love or business. Is there really a science to it? And Beth hopes to change the world by letting all men know not to focus on a pick up line but focus on something else!


Think dating is expensive? Bro’s be fist bumpin’ this episode cause you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! We find some of the most expensive cities for dating. Beth empties men’s pockets buying tickets to the Yankee Stadium and Broadway. We also travel back in time when you could catch a movie and ice cream for under $7. Familiarize yourself with the cost of living and dating around the world!


“Pheromones, Chemistry, Oh My” Do pheromones and chemistry even exist? How do you know you share chemistry? What are the American standards from the past too present of what makes you say “that’s hot.” Now let’s compare cross country. We dive deeper finding out what first attracted you to your partner? Johnny Depp---hot or not? What are the 3 must haves in a partner that you look for? Why are Scandinavians so damn sexy!? How often are we realistic, are you a 6 desiring a 9? Beth thinks she can explain the phenomena of a hot girl with the old dude or fat guy but doesn’t nail so turns to other hot girls for their take. Does height, hair, or intelligence matter? If you could change one body part on your partner what would it be? Find out why being happy on a date helps you sink the hook.



“The Science of Love” Science has sought long to detect the phenomenon and has concluded at many stages that love is the most alluring feeling in our life aiding us to thrive. Your brain actually looks different when you are in the stage of falling in love. Your very physiological makeup changes. We go over the fun signs and stages we all go through when falling in love. Why do men fall faster and which countries idea of falling in love is different from ours?



“Coulda Woulda Shoulda” Just how common is the one that got away? Do we live with any regret when it comes to love? We visit the elderly in rest homes to find out what people regret the most and seek ancient wisdom to answer philosophical questions. Is timing everything? What if you reconnected? What have folks learnt?, And if you could do it all over again would you re-choose your spouse? 


Marriage can be oppressive, outdated and possibly very destructive. Yet it’s complex and long-lived. It must be here for a purpose, because it keeps being here. It’s always evolving. Why do people get married? Ironically, people don't know the exact reason. Naomi opens up about her marriage ups ,downs, and oh my’s. Discover the different types of marriages around the world and find out which ones work the best. What balance of lust, romance, and pragmatism does it take? Just why does our culture joke that it’s a bad thing to be married?


That just happened. Often not talked about is how awwwwkward dating and even marriage can be. We visit with folks to discover scenarios that make us all feel oh so uncomfortable. You will be humbled to see all the humility we experience when matters of the heart are at stake.  


First we define dating here in the U.S. and find any differences abroad. Learn the norms and the fears amongst daters. We then closely breakdown all the dating percentages and let you know what’s fact and fiction. Up your dating game with the girl’s tips and learn what not to do through Mike’s tactics.



“The Government in your Bedroom” Just how does the government over reach when it comes to our love lives? One step forward two steps back, as we dance from state to state to expose the infidelity, sodomy, bestiality, age laws and more. Find out where ass play is illegal and learn which Arab countries dating is outlawed. 


We quickly remember why these two topics are often left off the table amongst business associates, friends and family. Can you date someone with a different political ideology? What chance does your relationship have if you pray to different Gods? Beth is a spiritual Libertarian and Mikes a flaming liberal watch as it gets heated on set!



The very definition of ‘taboo’ is things one should not talk about, which makes this one of our funnest episodes yet! What are the most popular fetishes? Mike sets out to understand some fetishes and the girls go beyond urophilia and BDSM, into message boards and the underground world “Eyes Wide Shut” style to learn about all the fetishes kept under wraps. Acrotomophilia, Looners, and beyond! How common are foot fetishes? Just how much of our society participates in taboo practices versus other parts of our world? Is there a psychology associated with specific fetishes? Which taboos and fetishes are deal breakers?



“Astrology & Beyond” While our modern society often forgets to weigh in with astrology, it’s no doubt in history places like Rome and others did. We remind you how astrology can be used in love, business, and beyond by taking a sample of folks and sizing up their astrological charts. If you’re a sceptic we will make you a believer. And we find out just what the hell is Genetic Energetics?



We all like a good point of reference. When do we start dating, get married, have kids and how do we differ from other countries and throughout history? We analyze what most couples can expect by hitting these landmarks such as kids or a golden anniversary. We take it to the rest homes to get down with some diamond anniversary couples.



If money makes the world go round, where does love fit into the equation? Hold tight as we discuss the two most powerful things that rock our Earth… Love and Money! Does money just amplify who we already were? At what amount does money no longer alter our happiness? What price does one put on love? How much does financial success matter to woman and do they really care what men drive? How often do we marry someone out of our social class? Good Looks, Money, & Intelligence, if you could only pick 2 which would they be?



Most of us are familiar that the American divorce rate is higher than 50% or that the age you marry is the #1 determining divorce factor. Well, meet Beth, the divorce statistic spouting monster! GRRR! She is on a rampage if you are optimistic or met someone special she will cast a dim grim light and hit ya with every reason why it’s likely to not work! Then we get serious (just kidding) we don’t get serious but we go deeper and observe divorce rates during national crisis, throughout history, abroad etc. Despite the gloom of the content you will come away optimistic and empowered about your future.



“Ay Papi” So much of our world is focused on the few passing moments of pure pleasure. What do these moments feel like and how do we women and men get there? Is it all the same? Grab your pen and paper as we unlock the bedroom door and find out what’s fact and fiction. Is pleasure different abroad or all the same?


Mike goes deep into the minds of thousands of woman! We poll woman like never before on all the things men want to know about woman! Formulate your hypothesis with us as we deliver what woman want and why from all corners of the world. Then we sketch out some unlikely answers. 


The girls visit pubs, sporting events, and jump on and off ship to find out what mean really want from a woman. Yea, Yea, you think you have heard it all but we find out ways to easily assess just what category this hunk falls into by asking three questions up front. Then of course we give you the run down of the data on all things men far and wide!


How many of us have them?  How many of us want them? Does anyone actually regret having children or is it programmed in our DNA to love them? We explore what may be the most powerful form of love. Kids are one of the most valuable assets to our society. We take a look at all things kids like at what age do we have them and just how many of those suckers are we popping out? Cross this with back then to now from all corners of the world! We also get to meet Naomi and Mike's litttle cutie patooties! 


“Undersexed, a Tragic Epidemic?” Just how often are we getting busy? We visit with societies who practice Islam to find out what repression does to their sexuality. Then to the lighter side of the coin Mike leads a round table for frustrated married men who are comparing notes. Find out what’s the norm across the world and what’s the epidemic?!


We throwback to Harvey Milk to remind ourselves just how far we have come in gay civil rights and where we hope to go. What is the rest of the worlds view and politics like? Are bi-sexual woman more accepted than men? Is being bi-sexual a fad right now? Contrary to what Hollywood TV scripts may have you believe homosexuality may not be as common as it’s portrayed. We look into the studies that represent homosexuality and discuss their accuracy. We also visit an often misunderstood and forgotten community of A-sexuality. End on a high note with us at a PRIDE parade!


“A Hallmark Kinda Day” Romantic love is a universal human experience and evidence of  exists in all corners of this world. Do all corners celebrate Valentine’s Day? If so what do they do to celebrate?


“From Hollywood with Love” Just how much impact has Hollywood made on the Earth’s idea of love? Besides music, poetry, and books, not many mediums influence our perceptions of the world like film and television. The gang re-enacts some of the sexy and not so sexy scenes that made headlines and set the standard.



“Timing is Everything” The gang shows you just why timing maybe the reason that over 75% of the time ‘it’ didn't work. We go over the signs and not so subtle signs of bad timing. Can we speed things up or go back in time? We talk to people that waited for the timing to be right and those that couldn't in one of the most real and reflective episodes of all.



There are mixed ideas of what arranged marriages are, so we set the record straight by defining the different regions that practice this and how its changed throughout history. We meet with modern day arranged couples and discuss the pros and cons. We examine the extremely low divorce rate of 4% among arranged marriage cultures. We also examine arranged dating and why that might be the happy middle ground for western vs. eastern dating ideals.


Whether you like it or not it exists. In fact, pornography accounts for a large part of the Internet, however, studies are showing that number is going down and we will tell you why. We visit the pros and cons of pornography and visit with couples about it. We then take a look at it from several religious perspectives. What countries is pornography accepted in and forbidden by? What do we anticipate the future of pornography to look like?



Swing your hips, tap your foot. it’s time to get our groove on with our killer playlist. There really is a perfect song for all of life’s moments and we review all the fun, silly and sexy moments where music strikes the cord. Behind every favorite song is an untold story. We reach out and find some of these. Mike as a real life wedding DJ speaks out about all the cheesy wedding songs he has played over the years. Music can express what cannot be said and we visit all the ways music can heal a relationship.



There are various financial, legal, or moral reasons couples remain married who have children. Some opt to co-parent meaning they share the duties of parenting but likely are no longer romantically or sexually involved. A single parent bears more of the responsibility to parent. How does being a parent change the scope of one’s dating ideals? We find out if it’s true that 92% of single parents rather date other single parents. Mikes speaks out as a co-parenter and Beth gives her thoughts on dating guys with kids aka an Insta-Fam. Find out what age do kids no longer become a deal breaker. What percentage of men and woman who have kids are open to having more? We chat with single parents and discuss when they feel its appropriate to introduce the kids to their romantic hopefull.


“Sex, the lowest form of love.” You may have heard this saying before and this episode we explore that. Maybe it’s why we likely won’t see an Oscar go to an adult film. Not much intellect goes into to sex after all it is an animal instinct. It may be an easier way to temporarily connect with someone versus having a meaningful conversation with someone which may have more lasting intimacy. Our society sells sex and boy does it sell. Just exactly how does that affect us?


Have you ever lied when breaking up with someone? Wanted to sleep with them? How many sexual partners you had? How often do we lie when dating or in a relationship? What are the subjects we most often lie about? The gang visits “Truthville,” a town where everyone is honest. Does the truth set them free? What cultures are more straight forward with one another? Would we prefer more candor in our society?


“Left Behind” It’s not a sexy topic but it’s reality. How long do widows wait to move on and how much of that baggage do they bring on their new journey? Get down with all the perks of dating widows and just who they are, as they aren’t always as old as we assume. But not all societies believe in remarrying so we find out why. We then bring to light the hardships of what the 2nd wife or husband can encounter. Yea shit can get messy with a new family, inheritance, and wills. Confused? Don’t worry we will sketch it out for you!


Get yo mind out the gutter! lol It's not sexual or maybe it is for some when we pose the question... "What do you want most in this world," to people from all walks of life. The casts gets personal on this one and so does the rest of the world. 


Boys listen up, woman finally answer all your questions regarding all things masterbation. Find out what percentage of men and woman masterbate here in America versus other countries abroad. How does our country and others view masterbation? Is masterbation healthy? Does masterbation habituate loneliness? Come along with us as we journey through the history of masterbation. 


Just what is the average American family size and average size around the world in other countries? How does modern day family sizes compare looking back through history? What are our cultural determinants that shapes our families? How many of our pregnancies are intentional versus not? Learn all the shaping factors that helps make up our worlds population. 


We walk the walk in the lives with several couples. What is it like to actualyl be in a relationship? Do you live together? How much time do you spend together? Is there girl/guys night outs? Do you go out with other couples? Do you share friends or do you even have friends? How often do you have a date night? How often do you make nookie? What are your unhealthy and healthy habits? Why do you choose to stay in this relationship.


Each corner of the world is different and so is the dating scenes. Find out what cities are easiest to date in and which ones pose more of a challenge. Then dig deep with us as we determine why. We'll give you a breakdown of age and occupations and just what outcome it has on a city. Hear what singles have to say about their cities from what they love and hate.

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