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Example Episode


Cold Open 

sketch introduces subject


Theme Song

animated intro

Each episode we explore 1 subject.



Each sketch cleverly transitions to another. For a unique consistent flow through the topics. 

Sketches will be performed by the 3 show hosts, actors, experts, and everyday folks.

Sketches will include the following means as needed:

- Trending News

- Experts

- Round Tables

- Assignments

- Interviews

- On Location

- Animation

- Travel

- Events

- Man on Street

Through history, travel, and sociology.

History                     Travel


Male or Female

Young to Old

Poor to Wealthy


All customs and cultures. 

Way back when to modern day.

Topics exploring subject: 

The topics are relevant and not so relevant sociological findings, epidemics, and few and far betweens.

What is the historical definition of infidelity? Is the modern meaning the same?

Why is history so rich with infidelity? 

Did all kings cheat? What about queens?

Do we still cheat as often?

How common is infidelity?

Do we believe in monogamy? Is it natural for humans?

Why do websites like do so well.

Why doThailand and Europe hold the highest rates of infidelity?

Do certain cultures have higher sex drives?


What biological, psychological, and social factors cause higher sex drives?

Is it a persons sex drive that causes one to cheat?

Which states and countries consider infidelity to be illegal? Does the crime fit the punishment?

Are people in power positions more likely to cheat?

In what situations is infidelity most common?

What are the signs of infidelity?


Who cheats more men or woman?


At what age is infidelity most common? Economic status? Ethnicity?

Once a cheater always a cheater? 

What do repeat offenders have in common?


What do the 'one time only' situations all entail?


Closing sketch usually done with just the show host(s).

Inspiring viewers to seek 

actuality and take action.

Enlightened Upbeat

wrap up:

Call 'em to action!
Give 'em truth!



Actuality                        Action

Should you be cautious  or concerned about infidelity?

Remember to visit our website, blog, and social media for all of our facts, findings, and data surrounding infidelity!

Does our society define infidelity as wrong? Determine how you personally feel?

The reality of your relationship and concerns of infidelity.

Empower and engage yourself in the right decisions, discussions, and lifestyle.

Copyright © 2016 Two Girls One Mike 



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