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The Pitch

Dating shows on television are either pasteurized fantasies or rubber necking car crashes glorifying dysfunction. No TV show examines the one human condition that people need, want and desire above all things--- love! Dating, love, sex, and marriage opens up a platform for a TV show to go in boundless directions. How do you find love in a world where people don’t make eye contact anymore? Three savvy hosts are on a mission to find out why something so widely desired has become so convoluted. While Andrew Zimmer may go searching for “Bizarre Foods”, 2G1M will interpret love in whatever shape, form and culture it resides. So whether you are quietly curious, lucky in love, or single to mingle, join us on “Two Girls One Mike.”

Nuts & Bolts 

Each episode the three hosts explore one subject using a combination of sketch comedy, cultural analysis, interviews, locational assignments, historical throwbacks, descriptions, animations, rants and raves. No matter where we live, love is the cornerstone so we search and analyze the social mores, customs and conversations all around the world! Its old school meets new school to get schooled--- but we hide the medicine in the ice cream with our comedic twists and sexy hosts.

The Mash

We live in an information age that values transparency. Our show is shot stylistically like tru TV's "Adam Ruins Everything" with the inspirational voice, research, and random delivery of Showtime's "Pen & Teller: Bullshit." Both are comedic infotainment shows kicking ass by keeping it real. 2G1M keeps it fresh using various platforms like "Inside Amy Schumer," same candor but more tact. Both Schumer and 2G1M use guerrilla style street interviews to get personal like the cult favorite "Insomniac with Dave Attell". Mash these with HBO’s Emmy winning “Taxicab Confessions” and the soul of “Sex in the City,” and what you have is the unabashed proof that there’s a demand for everything and anything about love, love love! Top it all off with a dab of Anthony Bourdain’s cultural insights with contrasting akward assignments like "An Idiot Abroad" being delivered to you like “Thelma and Louise" and Brad Pitt in a convertible, as our three hosts transition to and fro in a classic El Dorado convertible.

Ratings & CPMs

No relationship show straddles the center (male & female skewing), where the largest demographic resides (18-49). The highest CPMs are generated by news because the content is topical; with TMZ being a prime example. 2G1M is a mix of topical trending discussions, fast-paced packages and current factoids which keep the show fresh and nimble.

Three screens

Television, the computer, and mobile devices are the new focus. 2G1M will entertain and inform on all three platforms which keeps the show relevant and interactive. Television meets the online dating world and social media blended with everything mobile for fast paced segments. Social media and the internet provide real-time sounding boards for tailoring questions to current topics so we can sift the essence for our audience while offering subject matter for discussion and challenges. Everything old is new again so we mix trending with traditional. The 2G1M website is a lily pad for grazing tons of unique material and gathering data, while television delivers packaged entertainment enabling cross-platform promotion.

Billion Dollar Brand

Dating tips and dating online is already a multibillion dollar industry. Love makes the world go round but no one is mining the three platforms together and spinning all the relationship data into a sweet interactive shared treat. People want facts, and 2G1M will deliver them. Each show will give viewers tips and tactics on how to plant the flag and control the high ground. No longer will viewers walk alone through the relationship mine field. 2G1M will create a movement of sociological enlightenment, as we show viewers how to navigate today’s dating scene.

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