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Cold Open 

sketch introduces subject

Theme Song

animated intro

Each episode we explore 1 subject.


Each sketch cleverly transitions to another. For a unique consistent flow through the topics. 

Sketches will be performed by the 3 show hosts, actors, experts, and everyday folks.

Sketches will utilize the following means as needed:


- Trending News

- Experts

- Round Tables

- Assignments

- Interviews

- On Location

- Animation

- Travel

- Events

- Man on Street

Through history, travel, and sociology.


Male or Female

Young to Old

Poor to Wealthy


All customs and cultures. 

Way back when to modern day.

History                     Travel

The topics are relevant and not so relevant sociological findings, epidemics, and few and far betweens.

Walk through a timeline of the 1900's communication.

Were our grandparents happy writing letters to their lovers? 

How close did our grandparents feel to their lover when communicating by mail?

What was the average phone call time throughout history?

When did phone sex start?

How did these communications throughout history differ around the world?

Why was Naomi texting in England long before we ever knew about it in the states!

Which countries text, skype, facetime, and talk the most?

How did these communications throughout history differ around the world?

Copyright © 2016 Two Girls One Mike 

Sketch is an enlightened upbeat wrap up.

Usually done with just the show host(s).


Inspiring viewers to seek 

actuality and take action.

Call 'em to action!
Give 'em truth!



Actuality                        Action

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